The benefits of divorce mediation for financial professionals and their clients

As you have probably noticed, financial professionals are playing a much more significant role in many divorces these days. We believe this is a very positive step and we strongly support the use of financial professionals in divorce mediation for many reasons. Some of the most significant reasons include:

  1. The very fundamental fact that two out of the big three issues that need to be addressed in divorce (1. Division of Property, 2. Support and 3. Custody) are financial matters.
  2. Properly addressing both the short and long term financial needs of separating spouses often requires specific financial expertise and planning.
  3. Today many divorcing couples have a variety of asset types which makes valuing and dividing these assets increasingly complex. Financial professionals are trained to address these issues and can help a couple sort through their property in an organized, practical manner.

We would welcome the opportunity to work together to help your clients through their divorce. While we are definitely not financial professionals, we have over 15 years business experience and understand the importance of properly assessing the potential ramifications, both positive and negative, of financial decisions. Please feel free to call or e-mail us for more information or to discuss a particular client’s issues or concerns.

Why Divorce Mediation? and Why Davis Mediation?