divorce mediation client comments

Selected Client Testimonials …

“Your flexible mediation style was just right. If anybody is ever asking, I would shout your name from the rooftops! As to mediation as a process for couples, it is staggering how much money we got to keep for our future enjoyment rather than to spend on the process of disentangling our lives. I am SO pleased we chose mediation with you, Barry.”

Kim O.

“I would like to commend Barry for a very professional, intelligent and positive handling of my case…his handling of the situation was the very best anyone could expect…thus saving me thousands of dollars in legal fees.”

Joseph C.

“Thank you for making this process as easy as it could be! You are very talented and kind. I will always hear your words of wisdom and advice!”

Kathleen P.

“You were an invaluable asset in a time in my life that needed the support, direction and guidance you gave. I’m not sure we could have navigated the waters without you. I always keep you in mind and recommend you whenever I can.”

Paul K.

I can’t say enough about Barry Davis Mediation and Barry Davis himself. Nobody wants to find themselves going through a divorce especially with kids. Emotions run so high and the stress is off the charts and financially your entire worlds gets turned upside down. I am so happy that my ex-wife and I at least agreed to go to see Barry. He came highly recommended and it was the best decision I made during the entire process. First and foremost, BARRY CARES – ABOUT HIS CLIENTS AND THEIR CHILDREN! He cares about finding an honest and fair resolution for both sides. Just as important he kept our kids in the forefront and advocated for them as much as trying to resolve our grown up issues. It wasn’t easy and there were some heated exchanges but Barry always kept his cool and even worked with us individually and by phone when needed. The end result speaks for itself as both my ex and I have moved on with our lives and we have a structure that Barry helped us create that we can count on to guide us through raising two kids in separate households and resolving future conflicts. On behalf of my family I want to just say thanks to Barry. I can’t wait to enjoy the holiday season with my boys and loved ones and Barry helped make this new life possible. If you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of going through a divorce CALL BARRY DAVIS FIRST before you even think of a lawyer. You get so much more and will save a bunch of money too! Good luck to you all and thanks for all you do Barry.

Letter of Recommendation from The Court of Appeals

Marc P.

Choosing Barry Davis of Davis Mediation was, in my experience going through divorce, the BEST decision to proceed through such a difficult season. When you compare the cost of going through mediation verses enlisting attorneys, mediation is hands down the most cost effective option. With Davis Mediation, only 15 sessions was required at less than $10K. That’s a fraction of what it costs throwing your money away with attorneys. And while these sessions should have spanned only about a year, the timing for my case took two years to complete because of a unique and difficult “self-inflicted” circumstance NOT caused by Mr. Davis. Make no mistake, it takes a special person to work with divorcing couples who are varied and unique in their own personalities AND are also dealing with their own pain and whatever other issues they bring with them as a result of a difficult marriage. Barry Davis was caring and compassionate to me and my ex as his clients. He treated us as people and not just clients. In that vane, he was also fair and honest in mediating my case. While I didn’t get 100% of what I wanted, in the end, I feel strongly that my four children were given the best result given the natural unwanted circumstances that comes with divorce. In addition to speaking highly of Mr. Davis’ ability to work in favor of both his clients, he is also networked with other professionals who can help in the process — paralegals and even counselors; both of which I took advantage and benefited. If anyone out there would like to contact me, I am more than willing to expand on my review. While I don’t wish for divorce on any couple and most certainly when children are involved, the grim reality is that divorce happens all too frequently. To try and minimize the almost certain financial destruction and emotional devastation, I definitely recommend the services of Barry Davis and Davis Mediation.

Mauricio P.

Divorce. Not a pleasant thing to have to go through. Especially after nineteen years of marriage and one child late into it. Our daughter was turning nine. Wasn’t sure how to proceed but knew it was what was best for all of us. I asked friends and heard lots of horror stories about how the only people who make out at the end is the lawyers. With that said and after consulting with several in the South Bay, a friend told me to look into mediation. Mediation? What’s that? As it turns out it was the best thing I could have ever done. A friend of a friend recommended Davis Mediation in Manhattan Beach. I was not very optimistic going into it, but Barry made us very comfortable from day one. He walked us through the legal process in a kind, calm language that we could actually understand. The company’s fees are extremely reasonable compared to a law firm and I always felt like they were doing the best for us as a family. I don’t wish anyone to have to go through this in their live but if you do I would strongly suggest you use mediation. And I would highly recommend Davis Mediation! They turned what could have been a really destructive event into a civil understanding. Thank you Barry for helping me be able to not give up and to move forward!

Matthew F.

Barry Davis helped mediate my divorce negotiations with professionalism and tact. He made the whole process palatable during a stressful time. I highly recommend his services for anyone choosing to use a confident mediator instead of a lawyer.

Wilfred S.

Barry was made a challenging process as simple as it could be. He was professional and patient and was available when needed. He guided us through the process with respect and kindness. He is definitely someone to consider when going through a mediation.

Gene T.

Barry was very fair, professional and easy to work with. He kept us on track and focused on what really matters. When needed, he reminded us to keep the best interest of the kids as the focus and guided us through the difficult process. I highly recommend his services.

Brandon P.

Therapist Comment:

“My go-to mediator is Barry Davis. Over many years I have had the opportunity to refer my clients to Barry. The feedback I receive from my clients is that Barry is highly professional, has incredible mediation skills, knowledgeable in all aspects of the law and is extremely neutral with both parties. Most importantly, he is compassionate and empathetic. He truly cares about his clients and works for the best outcome of both parties. If you want to create a peaceful collaborative divorce and avoid the high cost of divorce attorneys, I would highly and most definitely recommend Barry Davis.”

Rebecca Kahane, MFT

“I want to thank you for your time, counsel, patience and understanding through this very difficult time.”


“Thanks for all your hard work and guidance through a very challenging chapter in my life. I appreciate it.”

Ron C.

Therapist Comment:

“I feel so comfortable referring my clients to Barry as I know he is an excellent mediator.  His kind and gentle way seems to transform angry couples into reasonable human beings again. I always hope that a relationship can be saved, but if not, Barry is an excellent resource for those couples who need to separate.  He is someone I can count on to truly help clients through the challenging experience of divorce.”

Liz Marushin, MFT

“My ex-wife and I used Davis Mediation to work through the dissolution of our marriage based on a recommendation from a counselor we were seeing. It was not a process I was looking forward to because our separation was complicated by the fact that we owned and operated a business together. Barry made it clear what each of our roles was and directed us toward fair compromises and solutions every step of the way. He understood that it can be a complex and emotional process and is patient when he needs to be but always working to move us closer to an agreement. It was very important to have an experienced and detail oriented professional constantly pushing us toward our goal.

I have recommended Barry to friends already and will do so again. Using Davis Mediation saved us thousands of dollars in legal fees that we were able to keep and divide as part of our community property. I believe mediation is the best way to handle difficult situations like this and feel lucky to have found Barry Davis to help us through it.”

Michael T.

“I’ve already recommended you! Thank you! You were, by far, the best part of the process. I appreciate that you recognized when a different approach was necessary and worked with us individually to reach a conclusion. Your direct, open communication and timely reports of each session helped keep everyone on the same page and with no doubts about the process. Thanks so much!”


“I truly appreciate your diligence, professionalism and patience throughout this whole process. You have been a true blessing!”

Debbie B.

Therapist Comment:

“I have known Barry for many years, as a colleague, and as a person and a family man. I feel very comfortable referring my clients to him for honest, safe and competent mediation services.”

Marjorie Rand, MFT

“Mediation worked for us. Divorce can be difficult and expensive. Working with lawyers can be adversarial by nature. 

“After almost twenty years of marriage we decided to split up and we initially thought we could do it ourselves, but the papers and laws are complicated, the division of property is subjective, establishing custody and support can be daunting.

“We realized we needed help, we decided to work with a mediator, we found Barry Davis on the web. He was professional, impartial and seemed to really care about working toward an amicable settlement. No, he is not a lawyer, but we did not want to hire lawyers. We wanted to speak with our own voices to split our assets and arrange fair visitation and support that we could all live with, Barry helped us do that. 

“Beyond money what is really important is a focus on the fragmented family that will endure. We settled our differences with minimal impact on our children. Today we are both on friendly speaking terms and we share a mutual respect. Our children sense our peace and it means the world to them. A pair of lawyers would not likely have brought us the same result. Four years later we see we have many issues to deal with in the future not covered in the divorce settlement including college expenses, kid’s travel, etc. We will work through each of these issues and achieve same positive outcome because of the tone Barry helped us establish in 2012. If ever we do find ourselves at an impasse, we are comforted that we can look to Barry to help us work it out. 

“One last note Barry recommended a fabulous Paralegal to package all the paperwork for the judge. This is the most critical aspect to the process and Colleen Teles of Affordable Legal Services did that. She is kind, easy going and very professional. We would highly recommend her to anyone in need of this service.”

Robert H.

Therapist Comment:

“Barry of Davis Mediation is a pleasure to work with!  I have not met many mediators that have a background in marriage & family therapy. He is truly committed to keeping the kids out of the middle during the entire divorce process. He is easy to work with and gets results.”

Tracy B.

“I appreciated having your clear guidance on how to navigate this process, what factors should be weighed and considered. I found the individual sessions at the beginning of the process to be a very helpful and thoughtful way to begin the process. I appreciated your consideration of our specific circumstances and the focus on what’s best for our children.”

Don S.

“I just wanted to thank you for your help in what has proven to be a very trying time, on many levels. I’ve appreciated your calming influence and the professionalism you’ve brought to this process.”

Nathan A.

“Thanks a lot, you have been really kind and easy to work with throughout the whole process, and I appreciate it!”

Tara L.

“You are a master! I sing your praises all the time!”

M. H.

“You were a great help to us and kept us both on track making the transition better than one could expect. We both appreciate all you have done, you’ve made a stressful time in our lives more manageable and for that I sincerely thank you.”

Ken M.

“You made me feel very comfortable from the get go. I like how you took the time to explain things and read our body language to know when to slow down or re-explain, or just stop and change directions.”

Eileen K.

“You get an A+ all the way!”

Geoffrey R.

“We appreciate your guidance and patience through this process – you have helped us every step of the way.”

Julie W.

“Barry is great at what he does. Very good effort to discuss an emotional situation impartially.”

Jennifer P.

“You were very professional throughout and you helped us get through it all with a great deal of skill and empathy.”


“You did the best job any human could do!”

Noelle H.
Certified Family Law Specialist

“You deserve great credit for keeping this mediation afloat – it simply would not have settled without your efforts!”

California State Deputy Attorney General

“I would like to say “thank you” for being there to help us go through this process.  You were patient and understanding throughout the process and I really appreciate that.”


“This case would not have settled without you – I would be happy to recommend you to anyone!”

Certified Appellate Law Specialist

“We made more progress in one day with you than we had in three years.”

Greg P.

“The mediator for this case, Barry, did an excellent job.”

James M.