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Mediation Fees

Because we believe so thoroughly in the appropriateness of mediation for working through a divorce, we have intentionally priced our services to make them as accessible as possible. If you or someone you know simply can not afford to pay for mediation, please contact our office and we will provide helpful referrals to low/no cost services.

We offer a free consultation to explain the mediation process, answer any questions and make sure that mediation is right for you and for the issue at hand.

Unlike with an attorney, there is no large retainer required in order to start mediation. At the beginning of each session you simply pay for that session plus any between session time that was used (to draft documents, research specific issues, work with other professionals, etc.) since the previous session. Administration Costs are included (with a few exceptions).

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Mediation Procedures

We ask for a deposit at the individual sessions at the beginning of the mediation process.

No rescheduling or cancellation fees will apply as long as we are given at least 48 hours notice.

All parties and counsel will sign a written confidentiality agreement at the outset of the mediation session.

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