I have recommended Barry to friends already and will do so again. Using Davis Mediation saved us thousands of dollars in legal fees that we were able to keep and divide as part of our community property.” Michael T.  More Client Comments

Providing a structured, effective process to help divorcing couples work through their issues

Divorce Mediation Process

Complimentary Consultation
Initial Individual Sessions
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Divorce Mediation Process

At its most basic, mediation is essentially a facilitated conversation between the parties to a divorce (the two spouses). The mediator guides the parties through a process that explores and addresses their individual needs as well as the issues specific to a divorce (1. division of assets and debts, 2. financial support and 3. custody and parenting arrangements). Along the way each spouse will be asked to prioritize their needs (what is most important to them) and be open to the others needs as well in order to arrive at a reasonable, fair resolution to each of the issues discussed. The goal of the process is to combine these agreements on individual issues into a comprehensive divorce agreement (a “marital settlement agreement”).

Step 1: Complimentary Consultation