Divorce Mediation Videos

Divorce mediation videosDivorce Mediation Videos covering the basics of divorce mediation and exploring some of the questions you may have regarding the process and benefits of divorce mediation. Plus, tips and suggestions for families working through the divorce process.

This video provides holiday tips for divorced parents and describes specific ways for parents to enjoy the Holidays with their children even when divorced or in the process of divorcing. These tips are taken from my previous blog post, How to Enjoy the Holiday Season for Divorced Parents. I’m Barry Davis and I’m a divorce mediator. …

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Divorce Mediator, Barry Davis highlights some additional aspects of mediating a good parenting plan in the third part of this video series. Children’s Activities Activities are essential to children and their development, but can be a point of tension between parents if not proactively managed. I recommend that parents agree on the activities beforehand and agree …

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In Part 2 of mediating a good parenting plan video series, Divorce Mediator, Barry Davis goes into more details, including addressing physical and legal custody, developing a weekly schedule, planning for vacations and holidays, and building flexibility for change into the parenting plan. Physical custody is who has responsibility for the children, either directly or indirectly (such …

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In Part 1 of this video series, Divorce Mediator, Barry Davis describes the basic aspects of a good parenting plan for divorce so parents can provide structure and support for their children during and after the divorce process and minimize the negative impact on children. A parenting plan is what the courts refer to as …

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This video discusses the three major legal elements of divorce: 1. Division of Property (Assets and Debts), 2. Support (both Child and Spousal Support) and 3. Parenting Plan (Custody). Davis Mediation offers a free consultation for anyone considering getting a divorce so they understand all the significant benefits of the mediation process.

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Successful Divorce Mediation This video explains why the mediation process is so successful in helping parties get through divorce economically & without fighting which includes four fundamental principles: 1. Mediation is a Client-Focused Process, 2. Mediation is an Informed Decision-Making Process, 3. Mediation uses an Impartial/Balanced Third Party and 4. Mediation is entirely Confidential.

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