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Divorce Mediation Process

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Helpful Professionals
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Preparing for Mediation

During the mediation process there is the possibility that we will utilize other helpful mediation professionals for specific purposes. The primary professional that we utilize is a consulting attorney. There are significant differences between a consulting attorney and an advocate attorney, but largely they boil down to the following:

  1. A consulting attorney works on an hourly basis without a retainer. Therefore you pay only for the time you use without a significant upfront expense.
  2. A consulting attorney is there to provide you with independent, objective feedback and analysis, but not to advocate for you or to litigate your case.

We have a list of consulting attorneys that we work with on an ongoing basis which we would be happy to recommend. In addition to consulting attorneys, other professionals may prove helpful in certain circumstances. Financial planners may be used to provide financial projections or evaluations; custody evaluators may be helpful in determining the best interests of the children; and numerous other professionals (accountants, attorneys, therapists, etc.) may become part of the process based on the needs of the participants. These types of professionals are regularly used in litigated divorces and using them in mediation expands the types of cases that can be properly addressed through mediation (e.g., more contentious cases where there is more in dispute).