“The mediator for this case, Barry, did an excellent job.” — James M. More Client Comments

Divorce Mediation Process

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We are here to serve our clients in the most effective, constructive manner possible so that they can resolve their divorce and move on with their lives.

Our Divorce Mediation Approach

Both our mediation philosophy and approach are grounded in our Mission Statement.

Our basic approach to mediation is to provide the necessary structure and guidance to assist the parties in resolving their issues. How this plays out in each mediation depends on the particular circumstances and personalities involved.

Our extensive educational background in both mediation and counseling as well as our significant mediation experience, allows us to draw from numerous approaches and techniques in working with each couple. At times it is appropriate for the mediator to be more directive or evaluative and provide more specific feedback. While at other times it is more effective to let an issue or concern play itself out among the parties before the mediator interjects and assists the parties in working towards resolution. Our experience provides us with a “tool box” of ideas, techniques, approaches and suggestions that we draw from to help each couple based on their individual interests and concerns. This way we shape our process to your needs rather than trying to squeeze you into our idea of how you should mediate your divorce.

Mission Statement

The purpose of Davis Mediation is to help people get through one of the most difficult periods of their life in the most constructive manner possible.

We believe that using a structured, confidential mediation process is the most effective way to address the complex emotional, financial and legal issues inherent in most divorces. And that providing a safe, open environment that emphasizes a productive, cooperative approach where each party’s interests can be heard and addressed creates the greatest opportunity for success.

We are committed to providing high quality facilitation, feedback and guidance in order to empower clients with the knowledge, perspective and process necessary to resolve their issues and move on with their lives.