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The benefits of divorce mediation for attorneys and their clients.

We believe that there are two main reasons that attorneys should consider divorce mediation for many of their cases: 1. To make their clients lives better; and 2. To make their own professional life better. This may seem like a bold statement (and it is), but if we are going to be honest it has a lot of validity. The attorney burn-out rate and client dissatisfaction rate for family law are among the highest in the field. It has become apparent that highly contentious litigated cases take their toll on all involved.

And while some cases do need to be litigated, we believe that the vast majority are excellent candidates for mediation. Especially now that mediation is evolving so that the use of other professionals is becoming more common, mediation is not just for couples who can ‘play nice’. Through the use of advanced mediation techniques as well as forensic accountants, custody evaluators and other professionals, mediation can be very effective even in more challenging cases. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss this further with you should you have questions or concerns.

We welcome the opportunity to work with attorneys and the expertise they provide to their clients. In fact, we work with attorneys on a weekly basis in our Superior and Appellate Court cases and highly recommend our non-represented clients to work with a consulting attorney. We have found that attorneys who are firmly grounded in their client’s best interests are often our best ally in helping clients achieve a mutually beneficial settlement. Please feel free to call or e-mail us for additional information or to request a list of attorney references.

Why Divorce Mediation? and Why Davis Mediation?