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Because we believe so thoroughly in the appropriateness of mediation for working through a divorce, we have intentionally priced our services to make them as accessible as possible. If you or someone you know simply can not afford to pay for mediation, please contact our office and we will provide helpful referrals to low/no cost services.

Consultation: Free

We offer a free consultation to explain the mediation process, answer any questions and make sure that mediation is right for you and for the issue at hand.

Hourly Rate: $275

  • Unlike with an attorney, there is no large retainer required in order to start mediation. At the beginning of each session you simply pay for that session plus any between session time that was used (to draft documents, research specific issues, work with other professionals, etc.) since the previous session. This way you have total control over how your money is being spent and know exactly what your costs are. The only exception to this is the $ 1,375 payment necessary to confirm the first mediation session (which covers the first five hours of mediation).
  • Mediation fees are often divided equally by the parties unless a different agreement has explicitly been reached.
  • We do not charge an administrative fee. Time spent on scheduling and other administrative issues is not included as preparation time as it is considered simply part of the cost of doing business. However, for necessary preparation time, such as individual telephone calls, preparing documents or reading briefs/documentation, the mediation hourly rate of $275/hour will apply.

Administration Costs: Included

The only exception to this is if the case involves a large number of parties, special meeting facilities, etc. If so, additional charges may be incurred, but will be discussed and agreed upon by all parties prior to mediation.

Out-of-Town Travel Costs

Out-of-Town Travel Costs are negotiable and based on reasonable expenses plus time.

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