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We are here to serve our clients in the most effective, constructive manner possible so that they can resolve their divorce and move on with their lives.

Our Mediation Philosophy

Divorce mediation philosophy

Both our divorce mediation philosophy and approach are grounded in our Mission Statement.

Our basic philosophy of mediation is one of service. We are here to serve our clients in the most effective, constructive manner possible so that they can resolve their divorce and move on with their lives. And quite frankly we believe that in the vast majority of the divorces, mediation is the best way to do this – this is why we do the work we do.

More specifically, our philosophy of mediation includes several basic principles:

  1. Client Empowerment — although we provide the structure and help things stay constructive, this is your mediation and ultimately you make the decisions. We have no power to force anyone to accept anything. We will help you understand alternatives, potential outcomes and likely ramifications of your decisions so that you make informed, rational decisions (which is the underlying goal of all mediation), but whether or not you choose to agree on any issue is up to you.
  2. Effectiveness of the Mediation Process — we firmly and passionately believe that mediation can and does help people deal with very difficult issues. This does not mean that the process is easy or that it is some sort of magic that erases differences and makes everyone happy. Yet it does offer the opportunity for parties to deal directly with their issues and then move forward in their lives.
  3. Confidentiality — in order for you to relax and be comfortable discussing private and sometimes sensitive information, you need to have complete confidence that the mediator will respect your privacy and keep the information confidential. We understand how important this is and have made a commit to keep your information private and confidential.
  4. Neutrality — simply stated, in order to help the parties (and be trusted by both parties) the mediator needs to be unbiased and balanced. This does not mean that the mediator agrees with every action or statement a party makes or that the mediator is a completely blank slate. What it does mean is that the mediator maintains a focus on the big picture of helping the parties through their issues and makes sure that he/she treats each party fairly and appropriately.

Our Mission Statement

The purpose of Davis Mediation is to help people get through one of the most difficult periods of their life in the most constructive manner possible.

We believe that using a structured, confidential mediation process is the most effective way to address the complex emotional, financial and legal issues inherent in most divorces. And that providing a safe, open environment that emphasizes a productive, cooperative approach where each party’s interests can be heard and addressed creates the greatest opportunity for success.

We are committed to providing high quality facilitation, feedback and guidance in order to empower clients with the knowledge, perspective and process necessary to resolve their issues and move on with their lives.