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The Davis Mediation difference is our comprehensive approach to resolving the emotional, legal and financial aspects of getting divorced.

What makes us differentWhat makes Davis Mediation different is our comprehensive approach to resolving the issues inherent in a divorce. Essentially, these issues fall into one of three categories: emotional, legal or financial. Our comprehensive approach helps a couple address each of these factors rather than only focusing on one of them (to the detriment of the others). And since these factors often interact or overlap with each other, a comprehensive approach (addressing the legal, emotional and financial aspects of a specific issue) allows the parties to truly deal with the issue at hand as thoroughly as possible so that we can resolve it and move forward.

Additionally, an understanding of these three factors and how they can influence each other, when combined with a flexible, constructive process, allows us to provide a customized, individual mediation experience for each couple. One size does not fit all in mediation – every couple has different needs and issues and our mediation approach flexes to help the couple work through these needs and issues as they present themselves. Whether the issues or concerns are very pragmatic and functional or sensitive and emotion-laden, we will help you address them in a productive manner. We will guide you through a process that addresses all of the necessary aspects of getting a divorce while also doing it at your own pace and in a way that deals with your individual concerns.

Emotional Aspects of Divorce

Obviously, the emotional aspects of divorce are significant and need to be addressed in order for spouses to come to resolution and move on with their individual lives. Often times it is these types of issues that are the most difficult to deal with in divorce mediation. Barry’s background in counseling and conflict management provide him with the necessary skills and understanding to help individuals address and work through these issues. Many clients have commented on his ability to empathize and understand their individual needs and concerns as being a key component to the success of the mediation.

Legal Aspects of Divorce

As a divorce mediator, Barry has a basic understanding of the legal aspects of divorce (such as support, property division and custody) and can help a couple understand these issues in a general, neutral manner. Yet we highly recommend that each spouse utilize the services of a consulting attorney as part of the divorce mediation process (especially prior to signing the final marital settlement agreement, but also possibly prior to the start of mediation in order to gain insight into the general legal parameters surrounding divorce). By utilizing this approach we achieve two things: 1. We make sure that all of the appropriate legal issues will be addressed, and 2. We make sure that each spouse’s interests are protected. We have a list of reasonably priced attorneys who can work with you and are committed to assisting you with the mediation process.

Financial Aspects of Divorce

Let’s face it, we all need money to take care of our daily needs. And we often have strong feelings about what is ours or what we have a right to. Yet equally important is an analysis of what our future needs may be. This is why it is so important to address the financial aspects of divorce in a structured manner that takes all of these factors into account. Barry’s fifteen years in the business world (most of them negotiating deals), have provided him with a wealth of practical experience in understanding the financial aspects of a negotiation and melding this to the underlying goals of the participants. He will assist each spouse in identifying what goals are most important to them and then working together to negotiate an agreement that meets as many of these goals as possible.

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